DEB: How to create WordNet

How to create WordNet

Connect to DEBVisDic

  1. DEBVisDic account is required

  2. go to and log in

Create WordNet

  1. click create new wordnet button on the main page
  2. type a name of your WordNet (of your choice)
  3. wordnet short code is given automatically or you can set it manually
    • you can have WordNets with same name, if you give them different codes
  4. click save setting
  5. you can add users (by their login) to collaborate on the WordNet and set their permissions (to read, edit or manage; your permissions are set to manager automatically)
  6. click administration main page
  7. under name of your WordNet, click import XML and upload your data
    • you can also: edit settings (users and permissions), remove dictionary, export data (in XML)

Your WordNet will be displayed here along with others. There, you can add new entries as well, through the Edit tab (see How to write a synset).