DEB: Dictionary of Czech Sign Language
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Dictionary of Czech Sign Language

It is primarily an explanatory dictionary of Czech sign language. In addition, it includes translation dictionary. It is gradually growing to become a helpful tool for wide public use (from university students communicating in sign language to sign language linguists). The dictionary presents common as well as professional vocabulary. The explanatory dictionary currently provides information on the lexis of Czech Sign Language vocabulary and the Czech language (also contains pilot set of entries of American Sign Language and International Signs).

Explanatory dictionary

There are two main parts of the explanatory dictionary: one is related to Czech Sign Language and the other to Czech language (alone).

In development: American Sign Language, International Signs dictionaries.

In the part related to Czech sign language you can find videos capturing the sign, grammatical information, origin, transcription of the sign, definition of meaning, example of use in a sentence and translation into Czech. Some entries can offer even more detailed information. There are 12,860 entries in total. This dictionary accepts three types of queries: selection of hand gesture and place of articulation, specification of gesture transcript or typing Czech translation.

On the other hand the explanatory dictionary of Czech language provides mainly grammatical information, definition of meaning and example of usage in sentence for each entry. In case the entry can be found in both explanatory dictionaries, the video with translation to sign language is displayed as well. This part of the explanatory dictionary contains 119,000 entries.

Translation dictionary

In this platform there is the translation dictionary as well. Currently available only in beta version. The dictionary consists of Czech Sign Language, Czech and English language, International Signs (115 entries) and American Sign Language (130 entries). Both the explanatory and translation dictionary contains 31,600 videos of sign language in total.


The dictionary is available online here. It is open for public.