DEB: Ethnological dictionary
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Ethnological dictionary

It is a Czech to English translation dictionary of terms of folk culture. It can be useful for wide range of users. Although you are not an expert, you may wonder what the English translation for example of proper nouns Krakonos or Kocourkov is. You can try to search for these terms in ordinary translator but, as you will see, without success. Regarding the professional purposes, it can be useful for translators, who have a lack of knowledge about traditional folk culture, as well as for ethnologists, who conversely have a lack of language skills.

Except of translations in the dictionary there is variety of other useful information. Entries include for example hypernyms, hyponyms and opposites. Less known entries are put into context. Some entries contains its most frequent phrases as well. Most of the information are given in English. Only entries and phrases are in Czech.

This dictionary is the work of ethnologists and linguists from The National Institute of Folk Culture. The client is developed by Natural Language Processing Centre at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno.

How to use the dictionary?

The dictionary is available here.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, just type the term in the search bar. In case you want the know which terms are included, it is possible to browse the content. Browsing is available in 2 ways: alphabetically and by categories.