DEB: Dictionary Editor and Browser
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DEB - Dictionary Editor and Browser

Tool for creating dictionaries

More than 10 international projects

Friendly web interface

DEB is a platform for dictionary writing systems development. Since 2005, this platform was applied in more than 10 large international research projects (introduced on this website).

The platform can process any XML data. This allows to create dictionary of any language (e. g. Chinese characters). The user interface works in a web browser.

Thanks to the platform, dictionary creation is very fast and easy. DEB provides the entire infrastructure necessary for functional dictionary. Therefore, an author can focus mainly on content of dictionary. At the same time, this platform allows to customize the interface to the specific needs of created dictionary.

Easy to customize

Creating dictionary of any language

Technical details

Client-server architecture:


  • simple functionality
  • graphical web interfaces


  • XML database (Sedna)
  • management of user accounts, access rights
  • team cooperation on dictionary
  • complex calculations, connection to other sources
  • interface allowing to use data from your own applications, API

DEB was developed by NLP Centre MU, Brno.