DEBII — Dictionary Editor and Browser

DEBVisDic: WordNet editor and browser

DEBVisDic uses new versatile interface that allows the user to arrange the work without any limitations. Of course, DEBVisDic contains all the main features that were present in VisDic:

multiple views of multiple wordnetssynchronization
freely defined text views inter-dictionary linking
synset editing tree browsing
hypero-hyponymic tree consistency checks
query result lists journaling
plain XML view of a synset user configuration

With the help of the DEB platform reusability, DEBVisDic will be supplemented with many new features that are currently accessible only as separate tools or resources. This functionality includes:

We have also prepared a comprehensive DEBVisDic Manual.


Previous versions used the Mozilla XUL engine to build flexible form desktop-like applications. Due to the limitations of current Mozilla packaging, all DEB applications are now purely web-browser-based.

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The DEBVisDic source packages will be available for download here, in the meantime please contact
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