DEB: DEBVisDic: WordNet editor and browser
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DEBVisDic is a tool which can be used for creating and editing wordnet – semantics networks. It provides features for wordnet browsing as well. Thanks to this editor, more than 20 national WordNets have been created (Polish, Hungarian, Dutch, Nepalese, …). DEBVisDic uses a new universal interface which can be customized to maximize efficiency of work. It is an improved and web-based version of the previous VisDic. DEBVisDic provides all the main features that were present in VisDic:

  • search
  • synset editing
  • consistency checks
  • customizable previews
  • display a synset in XML format
  • multiple views of multiple wordnets
  • (hypero-hyponymic) tree walking
  • inter-dictionary linking (open dictionaries for 2 languages, search in just one)

With help of the DEB platform reusability, DEBVisDic will be supplemented with many new features that are currently accessible only as separate tools or resources – morphological analyzer (when available), corporas, electronic dictionaries etc.

We offer detailed DEBVisDic Manual for better orientation in its interface.

One of the main advantages, when compared to the previous implementation, is more comfortable access to the editor. No client-side installation is needed anymore. Anyone can sign up through the web (by the registration), create and edit new wordnet, or browse through the current wordnets:

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It is a modified interface of DEBVisDic. It allows you to view more than 50 national WordNets in Global Wordnet Grid. It is available here.